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This is Word for Word.  A team of talented individuals from across the globe, focused on hip hop, and all that it means, sharing their opinions through g.o.a.t. The contributors to this series are members of the hip hop community in some way shape or form. Whether as MCs, producers, DJs, BBoys, graphic writers, or fashion experts.

This is how it'll work; every week we'll have an article by one of the collective on a topic of their choosing. Their opinions will be from all over the industry and globe. We hope that this will be an eye opening experience for everyone, readers and writers a like.

In addition to the weekly post we'll be having regular interviews about topics we decided with 3-4 of the members of the consortium at a time. Kind of like a Complex or Source Magazine interview style. But don't get it twisted, we're not aiming to be a magazine. We just thought it might be fun to try out this new type of content. Who knows, maybe we'll expand in to other areas.

*The views expressed by each individual are those of that individual and do not represent the collective members.

Keep scrolling to see some of the members who make up Word for Word.


Paul Richardson, better known by his name Paulie Rhyme, is an American born, Japan based musician from Cleveland, Ohio. He is the founder of Browntown Wreckords.

Paulie Rhyme is one half of the hip hop duo Public Radio, with producer deedot. He was also the lead vocalist of Finless Brown, Miles Outside, and Solganix. Previously, Paulie Rhyme was on Deep Thinka Records roster.

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Vocalist Corina Corina was born to sing. She was raised in Oakland by political activists who named her after an early blues classic. Now with roots in New York and the Bay Area, Corina Corina brings a fresh and melodic vocal hybrid to modern soul with a sharp hip-hop edge. She first cut her teeth in the New York independent music scene by collaborating with artists such as Homeboy Sandman (Stones Throw), Angi3 (Tommy Boy), and internationally-acclaimed producer, Willie Green (Backwoodz Studioz). She has shared stages with hip-hop heavyweights Talib Kweli, Action Bronson, Masta Ace and Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire. Corina Corina’s self-released solo albums, “The Eargasm” (2012), and “The Free Way” (2014) were co-produced with Green, and touch on everything from gender inequality to self-love and resisting social norms. The latter was promoted extensively through a series of independently booked national tours, a successfully funded indie-go go campaign and nearly a half dozen music videos. She’s also released two EPs, and has produced and curated dozens of live events and musical series all over the country.

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From murals to music, from poetry to theater and film, from beats to rhymes; emcee, poet, keyboardist, video artist, and producer Davu Flint is a multidisciplinary artist constantly searching for new ways of expression. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to a musical family, Davu was first introduced to music by his grandfather, who was a guitarist with the Isley Brothers for many years. He was also mentored by his uncles who were musical mainstays in the jazz and gospel community. As a result, Davu grew up rapping, playing piano, clarinet and tenor saxophone, writing short stories along with his talented brother and sister, attending museums, and reading the books brought home by his mother, a librarian.  After combining his love of music with writing ,poetry, and theater, Davu soon became a well known poet, emcee, performer, and producer on both coasts. He has performed his original brand of poetry and hip-hop throughout the U.S. and abroad, appearing at CBGB’s, The Andy Warhol Museum, The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, and the Toronto International Poetry Slam, as well as San Francisco, London, Brazil, and South Africa. He has released two chapbooks and ten albums of internationally critically acclaimed music, nine of them self-produced. His poetry and writing has appeared in two anthologies:  (Random House) and the Afrofuturist anthology .  He has shared stages with Talib Kweli, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Dudley Perkins, Saul Williams, Ursula Rucker, Camp Lo, Wiz Khalifa, J*Davey, Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner, Blu, and the Adrian Younge Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra. He’s studied drama at The American Conservatory Theater and Intersection of The Arts in San Francisco, and majored in Creative Writing at The University of Pittsburgh. He obtained his B.A. in Media Studies and Production (Recording Industry Concentration) from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Davu is also a proud member of the Philadelphia based music collective The Plush Lords, who released their first full length album in 2015. Davu currently lives and works in London, U.K., where he is studying for his M.A. in Ethnomusicology at Goldsmiths, The University of London.

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As the head of international entertainment company, Royal Heir Ent, Essince has traveled the globe promoting music, booking tours, and freelance writing for various outlets. Interview credits include Tyrese, Jeeze, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Chuck D of Public Enemy and many more.

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Dion L Hatcher AKA “Atikus Finch” was born August 1, 1975 in Detroit, Michigan. Dion Hatcher relocated to N. Royalton,OH. in 1989 and completed high school in1993 and as he matured in life he went on to become an Alumni of Central State University.

Nevertheless, he didn’t just stop there, now known as Atikus Finch he set out to rule the world with his music. Atikus Finch known in the world of Hip Hop and in our hearts as the founding member of the legendary underground Rap Group Second Generation Ohio Playaz who album debuted in 1999 featuring songs such as My Life and From The Himalayaz. Atikus Finch was also Co-Owner and Founder of Himalayan Enterprise (Record Label), Co-Owner and Founder of Confidential Records LLC, Owner of M.O.R.E Group. Atikus was a member of Detroit Undergound Hip-Hop Super Group Tree-O, and made appearances on several mixtapes with Mick Boogie, DJ Jack Da Rippa, DJ Whoo Kid, and DJ G Spot and so many more. Atikus Finch affilates range from Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor, DeShaun “Proof” Holton, and many more.

However, to date one his greatest accomplishment ever was becoming a dad and a great dad he is! This entrepreneur is still going strong and overcoming every obstacle that comes his way without breaking a sweat.



Mega, Late, and Steze are the hosts of the recently formed Mega Late Show (MLS). A bi-monthly podcast recorded directly in the heart of the Tokyo Metropolitan area. Together they've undertaken the perpetual task of aggregating event information and exploring Tokyo's vast hiphop landscape. From the off-the-beaten-path beat shows and spontaneous open mic nights, to the explosive b-boy ciphers and graffiti pieces seen from the busiest train lines in the world. Also, making contact with Japan's most influential players and visitors for their podcast chop-up sessions. Breaking the language barrier and bringing the Japanese hip-hop scene to the world is their prime motivator. The MLS crew advance three distinct vantage points, championing all aspects of hip-hop in the Land of the Rising Sun.  

Mark "Mega Desu" Robinson was born in New York, raised in California, and attended school in Hawaii. He's worn virtually every hat in hip-hop culture. From Bboy, graff-writer, emcee, or DJ; to web moderator, producer, and activist. Mega's time is currently spent traversing Tokyo's labyrinthian network of train lines; networking and documenting all elements of its flourishing yet scattered hip-hop scene. His love for the culture comes with a particular interest in its infamous underground figures, b-boy battles, and street art.  Together with co-hosts, Late and Steze, Mega provides one of three unique perspectives on Tokyo's MLS podcast.

Late, p.k.a. Coren Rebel!, is from Atlanta (OTP) and currently based in Tokyo. Pro-am rapper, beat-maker, broadcaster, comic enthusiast, stand-up comic enthusiast, 1/2 of iLL Ruminations (whatup Obiaj!), 1/3 of MLS; drinker, hard-headed, SPEAKEASY (Tokyo's #1 Vibe-Out Party) affiliated, semi-bilingual, lyrically major, and minored in Linguistics. More Malcolm than Martin; don't tell Obama.

Steven LeFever aka "Steze" was born in Guam and first found hip-hop through Tupac, then Bone Thugz, then Ice Cube, then Too Short, and it grew from there. He began dabbling in art when he would write poetry and practice freestyle hip-hop dancing in his adolescence. Steze went to California for college and studied acting and communications. He eventually found himself in Tokyo, and today, has his hands in acting, filmmaking, writing, YouTubing, as well as some rapping. His newfound commitment to MLS is due to his lifelong love for the culture.

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Atsu is a Tokyo-based rapper and beat maker, who has also lived in the US and UK. His multiculturalism brings unique sound and lyricism to the game. He’s currently working on his mixtape trilogy, with the final installment Brahma set to release in early 2017.

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RÉL is a one-man band, from production to sound engineering, writing and performing, he does it all himself. With love for others, he wants to connect with you, but only to spread love and positivity.

Notice he doesn’t curse in any of his songs because he wishes to engage all listeners from every age and gender. Many say his latest release “Get Up” has an old school vibe. This is his first mastered track and he has a line up that he is working on now.

Follow RÉL on his website which includes his poetry, art and full bio or any of his social media accounts.

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Arman Mahmoudi, known as StrongArm in the hip-hop community, is a journalist, tastemaker, screenwriter and hip-hop connoisseur. He joined 90.5FM KSJS in 2010 as a student, but quickly joined the management team and assimilated into the local hip-hop community in San Jose and the Bay Area in California. Along with a group of fellow hip-hop enthusiasts he helped usher in waves of new artists and music into the station's programming that have changed the landscape of hip-hop and radio in the South Bay. In addition to taking charge of the department as director, he also conducted several noteworthy interviews with national acts such as Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Blu, Pharaoh Monch, Big K.R.I.T. and more with his "Fresh to Death" interview series on YouTube with talented director/cinematographer, Amadeuz Christ. He also threw over 30 local showcases booking acts such as Rexx Life Raj, Sahtyre, Locksmith, Willie Joe, Rey Resurreccion, Chuuwee, Young Gully, City Shawn and many more buzzing Bay Area artists. Most recently "The Wave" showcases were a good outlet to bring musical acts highlighted on the radio to the live performance realm. StrongArm has also blogged for sites such as DubCNN, Thizzler on the Roof, HHRFD & Team Backpack in the past few years. He currently lives in San Jose, California where he is pursuing a masters degree in Education, and hosts his "Fresh to Death" show on 90.5FM KSJS in the South Bay on Sunday Nights.

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Let's Get It

So this is majority of the team we're working with. We've got some more folks from Europe on the roster but their introductions will come a little later. Expect our first article first week of January. Follow us on twitter/facebook/google+ for additional updates.  Just keep the links below.

* g.o.a.t is planning additional collaborations in other genres; sports, fashion, cooking, etc etc. Stay Tuned!

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