RÉL words for Hip-Hop

by g.o.a.t Hip Hop

I'm asking all Hip-Hoppers out there a few questions concerning what your music represents?

Business or family first?

Seems we need to support our families but at what cost? Time we can never get back, so we need to balance how we spend it. I do understand in order for mastery in any subject, it seems sacrifice must occur, but at what price? What are you willing to lose? How much time? How long should you spend on the road?

As long as I can support my family with food, a roof and clothes, I'm good. Sure it's nice to live lavish, but at what cost?

Well, wouldn't you like a bigger house? Drive a nicer car? Have a pool in the backyard? Or what about access to world travel? Eat gourmet and drink only the finest of beverages?

How many of us can say we can we can do all that and more?

Well, for really real, what’s the big deal anyway?

You eat, I eat.
You sleep, I sleep.
You live, I live.
You die, I die.

Or is your soul eternal?

What bothers me the most is that while some live so lavishly with enough to own airplanes, there are still people starving in this world, why? We have big corporations funding laws and political views and this is nothing new. (ALEC! - American Legislative Exchange Council)

Then we have a huge lapse in our public education system, teaching His-Story and how to be employees, not employers. Still if we strive and work together we can make it better even against such obstacles!

Does your music touch on that?

Let's also talk about the farming industry and GMO's killing Americans, who are easily influenced to make poor food choices, which in turn promotes the pharmaceutical companies.  Fast food = Poison! Nonorganic produce lacks nutrients and causes chemical imbalances in our bodies.

Food is life, plant life is life, and Water is Life… Do your lyrics touch on this and/or any real life health subjects? Or do you yourself, just not care and indulge in a misconstrued, commercial, material illusion of life?

This is led by a bombardment of media selling fictitious ideas of what life is supposed to be like. We have photo-touched and airbrushed manikins giving advice, subliminally telling you that you need to look like them. Plus the media has been planting fear-based phenomena since before the 1800's. The first screening of Birth of A Nation portrayed a black VS white false idea of a demonic black man, which is still misleading ignorance today. People of all color still tuck in there purses when a black man walks by.

I support Black Lives Matter because the result is all lives matter. Do your research before you jump and say all lives matter and blue lives matter. R.I.P. Sandra Bland, Treyvon Martin and many others who have fallen victim to recent hate crimes. In the wrongful death of Sandra, her mother received $1.9 Million, but that will never bring her life back. People we have work to do.

We must embrace our Brothers and Sisters of our human family. We are truly one. That is the One Love Movement. So let me be first to say, “One Love.”

Does your music spread love, the idea of peace, sharing with your neighbor, etc.?

Plus prisons are still growing and using slave labor to endorse manufacturing growth. All due do the loophole of the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery except for those who are in prison. Also known as Modern day Slavery.

This is what Chuck D and Public Enemy are still fighting against. "Fight the Power." Some artists are still airing and have aired this news, but we’ve got to unify and be more persistent. Political propaganda is still manipulating a fear-based public, steering minorities against each other, which continues to mass incarceration.

Which brings me to the film and music industry. Films and music are BIG Media. They influence the public in a major way.

Ever wonder why there's not much positive music out there?

Could it be systematic to influence more "crime" to keep minorities incarcerated? Sure seems that way, while people are serving 15-20 year to life sentences for drug charges, which are health issues. Not crimes! (Watch 13th if you haven’t yet. It’s on Netflix) Incarceration is just another name for slavery.

Law and Order is another cover up. Though there are some truly sick and crazy people out there, Law and Order has been used since it began to fuel fear and lock up innocent people.

Look, I’m all for celebrating life and I try to celebrate everyday I breathe, but lets not forget as artists we have a duty to relay a message. Think about how much Hip-Hop influences our children.

The bottom line is there is no white or black. This idea was created to divide and conquer. All races have different shades besides as we mix we become more beautiful each time.

We are all people and our music should represent that. "Love, Peace and Happiness." R.I.P. Bob Marley

Let's celebrate the Natives of our land who choose to save us from these corporations by protesting Big Oil to protect our water. "Water is Life," is it not???

Fear is a falsehood. Love is the conqueror of all, but we need to unite and stand up for righteousness.

We must keep strong and stand together for Unity and Equality!  It isn’t over yet. Hip-Hop needs to communicate and touch our followers. Mainstream obviously isn’t focusing on humanity, it is up to us to unite and work together. I personally don’t support any music that is not helping humanity including fake controversy to sell records.

Word is truly Bond!

So stop the commercial exploitation and give a rest to Bragga-Rapping. Do you think bragging makes people want to better themselves or does it sell the falsehood of commercial dreams? Michael Jordan geared his marketing towards upper middle class white suburbia. You are no less for not wearing his sneakers. Jordan never paid my bills! Big Up to Macklemore, “And now I see it's just another pair of shoes.”

Stop buying Jordans, expensive clothes & items you don't need. Don't support negative music and movies. Invest in yourself. Educate yourself. Support crafts made in your own neighborhood. Buy local organic foods. Create your own gardens. Focus on necessity. Share with those in need. That is reality.

Hip-Hop is a great catalyst; use it to spread knowledge, wisdom and love. (Please comment)

Peace and Blessings
Written by RÉL

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