Word for Word Introducing – Word for Word: A Hip Hop Collective Part 2

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This is part 2 of our Word for Word introductions.  Word for Word is a team of talented individuals from across the globe, focused on hip hop, and all that it means, sharing their opinions through g.o.a.t. The contributors to this series are members of the hip hop community in some way shape or form. Whether as MCs, producers, DJs, BBoys, graphic writers, or fashion experts.

How it works is every week we have an article by one of the collective on a topic of their choosing. Their opinions will be from all over the industry and globe. We hope that this will be an eye opening experience for everyone, readers and writers a like.

In addition to the weekly post we'll also have regular interviews about topics we decided with 3-4 of the members of the consortium at a time. Kind of like a Complex or Source Magazine interview style. But don't get it twisted, we're not aiming to be a magazine. We just thought it might be fun to try out this new type of content. Who knows, maybe we'll expand in to other areas.

*The views expressed by each individual are those of that individual and do not represent the collective members.

Keep scrolling to see some of the newer members who make up Word for Word.


LEX is the smartrap project of female rapper, wordplay master, and stereotype smasher Alex Sun Liu. Inspired by the unorthodox stylings of rappers made famous on the internet, LEX uses complex language, multisyllabic rhyme schemes and comedic flair to deliver the unique perspective of a “third-culture” female millennial transplant living in the East Bay. Her lyrics are at once personal and impersonal, comedic and serious, self-centered and self-deprecating, and unrelentingly intellectual.



Mark "Mega Desu" Robinson was born in New York, raised in California, and attended school in Hawaii. He's worn virtually every hat in hip-hop culture. From Bboy, graff-writer, emcee, or DJ; to web moderator, producer, and activist. Mega's time is currently spent traversing Tokyo's labyrinthian network of train lines; networking and documenting all elements of its flourishing yet scattered hip-hop scene. His love for the culture comes with a particular interest in its infamous underground figures, b-boy battles, and street art.  Together with co-hosts, Late and Steze, Mega provides one of three unique perspectives on Tokyo's MLS podcast.



Late, p.k.a. Coren Rebel!, is from Atlanta (OTP) and currently based in Tokyo. Pro-am rapper, beat-maker, broadcaster, comic enthusiast, stand-up comic enthusiast, 1/2 of iLL Ruminations (whatup Obiaj!), 1/3 of MLS; drinker, hard-headed, SPEAKEASY (Tokyo's #1 Vibe-Out Party) affiliated, semi-bilingual, lyrically major, and minored in Linguistics. More Malcolm than Martin; don't tell Obama.



Steven LeFever aka "Steze" was born in Guam and first found hip-hop through Tupac, then Bone Thugz, then Ice Cube, then Too Short, and it grew from there. He began dabbling in art when he would write poetry and practice freestyle hip-hop dancing in his adolescence. Steze went to California for college and studied acting and communications. He eventually found himself in Tokyo, and today, has his hands in acting, filmmaking, writing, YouTubing, as well as some rapping. His newfound commitment to MLS is due to his lifelong love for the culture.



LISA VAZQUEZ is an Argentine bred, Oregon raised hip hop producer, vocalist, drummer and songwriter. Always evolving, Lisa has been gaining momentum nationally and has shared the stage with artists like Talib Kweli, Chali 2na, KRS One, and Lyrics Born. Her unique live performance includes live looping, enabling her to layer her beats, vocals and melodic samples on the fly. Influenced by classic hip hop with an overlaying and distinct soulful delivery. LISA VAZQUEZ's influences range from Tribe Called Quest, Mobb Deep, The Roots and Jurassic 5 to soul singers like Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu. She is currently recording her debut album in Portland, OR.


Lets Get It

So these are the newest faces of Word for Word. Expect a lot more in the coming days/weeks! Don't forget to follow us on twitter/facebook/google+ for additional updates.  Just keep the links below.

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