5 on 5: Jerry "Da Hermit" Dalalo

by g.o.a.t Hip Hop

Welcome to the new interview/conversation here at Word for Word, where we chop it up with the tastemakers and culture bearers who are making waves either in their city, their country, or worldwide.

5 on 5 is not your typical ask a question and get a response. There are 5 music questions and then 5 life questions. Some serious and some off the wall. We hope you enjoy the format, as well as get exposed to some new ish.

Our first guest is San Jose OG, Jerry "Da Hermit" Dalalo. He is a producer, artist, dj, and studio owner. He has worked in many fields of the music industry, while wearing many hats and having much success. From signing to a major label with his band Insolence to putting out projects independently. From traveling the globe, to collaborating with local and regional artists. I look forward to picking his brain now and in the future to understand how he has kept it fresh, expanded his creative portfolio, and gained a positive reputation as go a to engineer in the highly competitive music concave that is the Bay Area, CA (and beyond).

This interview is a just a peek inside the mind of the man they call, "Da Hermit"...

As a producer who got his start at as a dj, how do you think being a dj helps you when you are crafting a beat or song?

Being a DJ in the start of my career helped me understand how songs where being done. Structure was important especially if you wanted DJs to play your record.

Facebook or Twitter?


As someone who blurred the lines of what people would consider more traditional Hip Hop, what other genre of music (outside of reggae & r&b) do you think naturally meshes well with Hip Hop?

So many other genres blend with hip hop. You got Rock, Jazz, Electro and funk.

Dj Khaled or Dj Premier?


What was the best music related advice you have ever received?

The best advice I ever received was "Learn The Business."

Comic Books or Board Games?

Magazines lol

LOL. Werd. What do you love about the San Jose Hip Hop scene? What do you think it needs to grow or get more shine?

San Jose's hip hop scene is so diverse with so many styles. Personally I think artist should think about how to create there own a lane and expand outside the city.

Peanut butter or Pickles?

My son is allergic to peanut butter and pickles smell like feet.

Yeah those peanut allergies are nothing to play with. Last one. Name one album or project that you made (or were featured on) that people should listen to if they are checking you out for the first time?

Check out my new single Converge ft Dirty R.A.Y, Bless Ya Soul, Nany and D Styles

Interview By Paulie Rhyme


g.o.a.t Hip Hop